Nourish Your Trees to Keep Them Healthy

Choose quality tree care services in Columbia, MO

You love the way your yard looks, but it takes a lot of work to keep it looking lovely year round. Tree Wizard, Inc., provides the tree services you need to care for your trees. Our proven treatments will:

  • Kill insects
  • Remove invasive fungus
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria

Leave your tree care to the professionals at Tree Wizard, Inc. in Columbia, MO. We will restore your diseased trees to health to make sure they live for years to come. Call 573-442-1838 today to schedule tree care services.

We can help you maintain the health of your trees in Columbia, MO

If your trees are flourishing, you probably want to keep them that way. Tree Wizard, Inc. can fertilize and nourish your trees. We provide Mauget injections, employing a micro-injection system to put nutrients directly into the tree through the roots or trunk.

Call today to learn more about Mauget injections and find out if your trees need nourishment.