Protect Your Trees From the Emerald Ash Borer

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In the next 10 years, all untreated ash trees in Missouri could fall victim to a six-legged beast: the emerald ash borer. Though they're small, their agenda is destructive. Addressing this issue immediately is key to preserving our trees and keeping them healthy.

The certified arborists at Tree Wizard, Inc. specialize in EAB services in Columbia, Millersburg and Fulton, MO. We'll evaluate the condition of your tree and provide an aggressive treatment plan to ensure their survival.

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Key signs of EAB infestation

Ash trees are the most susceptible to EAB infestation. Nearly hundreds of millions of these trees have fallen victim to the wrath of emerald ash borers. The key to preserving your tree is awareness. Pay attention to these signs that indicate you may have an infestation:

  • D-shaped holes throughout your tree
  • Severe woodpecker damage
  • Swirly tunnels on your tree's trunk

Getting EAB services from a team of licensed arborists is key to saving your tree from destruction.

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