We Make Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Easy

Tree trimming services for your Columbia, Millersburg& Fulton, MO home

Tree Wizard, Inc. can trim your trees to keep them full and healthy. If you have a dying tree that needs to be pruned or a healthy tree that could benefit from shaping, call today. We'll give you an estimate over the phone and pay a visit to your property as soon as possible.

Give the trees in your yard the attention they need to stay healthy. Call Tree Wizard at 573-442-1838 today to schedule tree trimming or tree removal services.

Choose qualified arborists for your tree trimming, pruning and removal needs

No yard will benefit from the presence of an unsightly or rotten stump. If you want your stumps removed, call Tree Wizard. We can:

  • Remove - dig out and remove the entire tree stump
  • Grind - for an additional cost we can grind your stump below ground level
  • Cut and flush - make your stump blend in with the surrounding terrain

Call today to schedule stump removal, tree removal or pruning services in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton, MO & surrounding areas.