Leave Tree Planting to the Pros

Hire the tree planting experts in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton MO & surrounding areas

When you choose tree planting services from Tree Wizard, Inc., you're getting more than tree installation. Our experts will plant trees in the part of your yard that benefits from the best soil quality and sun exposure. Plus, we know exactly how far apart to place them for healthy and vigorous growth - trees that are too close together risk dying due to lack of nutrients and overcrowding.

Trust our certified arborists in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton, MO & surrounding areas to plant your spruce, pine, maple, oak or other tree today. Call 573-442-1838 to schedule an installation.

You pick the tree, we plant the tree

If you have already purchased trees but need someone to plant them, call Tree Wizard. No matter how large or small your new trees may be, our experts will take care of everything. Call today to:

  • Schedule a tree planting appointment
  • Learn about tree variations and maintenance requirements
  • Get tree recommendations for your property in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton ,MO

Call 573-442-1838 right now to get start planting trees on your property.