Become an Expert on Tree Health

Become an Expert on Tree Health

Educate yourself on the importance of tree health in Columbia, Fulton & Millersburg, MO

Count on Tree Wizard, Inc. to tend to your trees and keep them in good shape. Healthy, beautiful trees raise your home's curb appeal. When you decide to sell your house, the presence of thriving trees in the yard does a lot for your home's market value. Read on to put to rest your questions about tree health.

How do I determine whether my tree is in poor health?

If your tree shows signs of brittle, dead wood or cracks along the bark, it's time to call an arborist in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton MO to examine the condition of the tree. You should also look for decay, which is often indicated by mold or mushroom growth.

What are some common tree problems I should keep in mind?

You should watch for problems like tree diseases, as well as insects like mites, borers and leaf eaters. Extreme weather and human activity can also play a part in damaging tree trunks and limbs.

Should I use fertilizer on a mature tree?

For the most part, mature trees don't need fertilizer unless they display a significant lack of growth. Don't fertilize a mature tree unless an arborist says it's necessary.

When is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs?

If you're relocating woody plants, do it in late winter or early spring. Make sure conditions are right for the species. Consider mature plant size so you leave room for the tree or shrub to develop.

What should I do for my trees after a storm?

Check for broken branches or places where branches have become detached from the trunk. Note any cracked or raised soil on one side of a tree trunk, which could indicate the start of leaning. Hire a certified arborist to remove damaged branches, especially if they're large or high up.

How do I find out about the health of trees on a property I intend to purchase?

You should hire an arborist in Columbia, Millersburg & Fulton MO to inspect the tree health of trees on the property before you sign any documents. If any trees may pose hazards, you should negotiate to have those taken care of prior to the transaction.