Trust Us to Make Your Yard Stump-Free

Ask about our stump grinding services in Columbia, MO

Stumps are more than just ugly features that ruin your curb appeal-they can destroy your yard, too. If you're ready to tackle your stump problem, reach out to Tree Wizard, Inc. today. We're home to some of the top stump grinding pros in the Columbia, MO area.

Whether you're removing a single stump or clearing a lot for a landscaping or construction project, you can trust our stump removal team to help. We'll grind your stumps down to a safe size for your yard.

For additional information about our stump grinding services, call us at 573-442-1838.

3 reasons to choose stump grinding

Ready to rid your yard of obnoxious stumps? The pros at Tree Wizard recommend stump grinding over traditional stump removal in Columbia, MO because:

  • It’s tough on stumps but easy on your yard and landscaping.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional stump removal.
  • It produces mulch that can be used to enhance your landscaping.

Want to learn more about the perks of choosing us for stump grinding service? Contact Tree Wizard today. We also serve Millersburg, Fulton and the surrounding areas.